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Dear KFA Members,

This year is 'Red Fire Chicken Year' and it is said that 'Red Fire Chicken' symbolizes a harmonious life. So I hope everyone will enjoy a harmonious life in 2017!

I have thought about the identity of KFA once again after I was elected as the president of KFA. Although we have several finance academic associations in Korea, KFA is unique in that we do not represent one specific financial industry meaning we can cover all financial industries without any prejudice and in that we should be responsible for the corporate finance field of corporations. I would like to pursue the following things this year to solidify the identity of KFA and make KFA the best academic finance association in Korea.

First, I will cooperate with the Editor-in-Chief to enhance Asian Review of Financial Research qualitatively and quantitatively. Particularly, since it is very critical for KFA to have SCOPUS or SSCI international journal, I will make the best efforts to achieve this.

Second, I will offer special KFA session and award at the 2017 Asian Finance Association conference scheduled in Seoul and resume joint international conference with Taipei Finance Association this year. The international conferences are important for KFA because they provide a forum for KFA members to share their idea, interact with prominent foreign academics and develop intimate friendships among members.

Third, KFA as a group of finance professionals should present our professional opinions and suggestions to the current issues and problems of the society. For this, I plan to hold policy symposiums among industry, academia and policy groups periodically and encourage practical research that will be helpful to practitioners and policy makers of finance area.

Fourth, it will be crucial for KFA's vitality to invite and hold new scholars of our field. I will prepare for seminars, workshops and awards for young scholars and doctoral candidates to participate in KFA activities more actively.

KFA has grown over the past twenty nine years through your strong support and active participation in various KFA activities. As we now enter a new decade for KFA, I sincerely ask and invite all KFA members to join in making KFA a world class finance academic association rather than a local one.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Sekyung Oh
2017 KFA President
Konkuk University