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Korean Finance Association(KFA) have had one of the longest and honorable history in Korea as an academic society in finance area, and has made a significant contribution to the growth of corporate finance area in Korea and therefore to the growth of the society.

KFA will make the foremost effort to revive and strengthen the academic achievements of the association including its official journal, the Korean Journal of Finance and academic activities including conferences. As competition among academic association getting tougher, one way to survive is to position yourself in the front of the line. We need to develop more up-to-date research agendas for seminars, attract research papers of higher quality with diverse incentives, probe stronger connection with industries through industry-specific research agendas, and pay more attention to the institutional aspects of finance. KFA will work closely with the editor-in-chief of the journal, and support him to secure higher recognition of the journal domestically and internationally with a project team which will implement action plans to obtain the accreditation of foreign agencies.

We also need to revitalize conferences and seminars with more interesting topics and research agendas. Conferences should be able to attract voluntary participation of members by offering opportunities for intimate interactions and communications for research ideas among members. Co-work with other academic associations including foreign ones would be sought to overcome limited resources of individual associations, and overseas conference is under consideration. We will also host seminars on the current issues Korean firms face, where industry experts and regulators as well as academicians will participate, and provide practical solutions.

KFA is quite confident that we can move forward with the support of all the members, and would like to ask for your continued support for the association.
Thank you very much.

Korean Finance